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Small Business Owners call for Fair Hiring Standards:
'Fair Chance' fights grow around the US

Small business owners. Small business values.


Makini Howell
Owner, Plum Restaurants
Seattle, WA

“I believe in paid sick and safe leave days for Seattle workers because our employees are the foundation of our business. They allow us to grow and expand. Disproportionately, the people who are affected by the lack of paid sick leave are lower-income workers — they’re women, they’re people of color. You don’t need the added stress of feeling like you might lose your job if your child is sick.”

Jim Howser
Co-Owner, Hawthorne Auto Clinic
Portland, OR

“The big business organizations… have made claims that clean air standards, clean water standards, are somehow a burden for small businesses, that they’re ‘job killers.’ In fact, my experience has been just the opposite. Truth is, smart health and safety rules can actually create jobs.”

Don Orange
Owner, Hoesly ECO Tire and Auto
Vancouver, WA

“We are to be our brother’s keeper. If our brother needs a helping hand, whether he lost his hand in a war in Iraq or Afghanistan, or if he’s losing his home in Vancouver, Washington, we need to, as a country, step in. … Taxes are a privilege that come with being an American.”

Esmeralda Valencia
Owner, Esmeralda’s Restaurant
Brooklyn, NY

“Providing paid sick days makes good business sense. When I invest in my employees, they become dedicated to my business.”